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Making a Great First Impression



Making a positive first impression on a client is critical for property managers Aurora and every rental organization. When a first-time visitor views your property, they may not be aware of all the amenities or features that your building offers, but what they will be aware of is what they see in the common areas, hallways and entrance of your property. All too often the focus is placed on updating websites or renovating individual units and the common areas become neglected.



Here Are Three Inexpensive Hacks That Will Help You Make a Great First Impression on Visitors:

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

A fresh coat of paint always lends a professional look to a building. Think outside the box and don’t always go with white. Colors that match your branding and are easier to maintain than light colors create an authoritative, reputable presence. If your building has old, outdated carpeting consider investing in your common areas visible to potential clients and upgrading with hardwood flooring.

Let There Be Light

Nothing turns off clients like a dimly lit foray or reception area. Replace any outdated twentieth-century lighting and upgrade your fixtures and bulbs. Place LED strips or solar lights on pathways or hallways that can be shadowy. Strategically placing mirrors in your common areas that can help bounce and reflect the natural light will brighten the room and give it a welcoming feel.

Offer Something

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and welcomed. Having a fresh pot of coffee or offering a cup of tea is a great way to personalize your client’s experience and make a positive first impression as a property manager Aurora. Having a plate of cookies or snacks that can be offered while they review paperwork is a simple, low cost yet very effective way of creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Always be sure to properly introduce yourself, greet your client with a firm handshake and smile. Although they are there to view the rental listing, you are the face of your company and who they will associate your organization with. These simple hacks do not take many financial resources but are very effective in ensuring that your first impression is a great one.