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Make the Landlord say yes to your pets

Pets are important to your family; but, finding a landlord that would allow you to keep pets in a home rental is quite a challenge. However, there are ways to make a landlord say yes to your pets. Denver Residential Property Management experts share some tips on how to do so.

Look for pet friendly listings
When looking for a rental, look for listings that allow pets. Save time by eliminate all listings that have a “no pets allowed policy.”

Create a pet resume
This may seem unorthodox but it will help. A pet resume contains the medical history of your pet such as vaccination records, health status and if the pet is neutered or otherwise. Include obedience school certification, references from your previous landlords, obedience school trainers and the vet.

Meet the landlord
Encourage the landlord to meet your pet so that they will be able to see how your pet behaves.

Be Honest
Answer all questions as honestly as you can. If your dog has a tendency to dig up gardens, be honest about it. Remember to discuss the admirable characteristics of the breed of your pet.

Discuss the pet policies
Discuss the existing pet policies with the landlord to determine what are the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Ask the landlord about the need to include pet riders as part of the lease agreement.