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Interesting Facts About Why You Should Move to Denver

Denver is a city that is known not only for its high altitude, but also for its unwavering sunny weather. Located 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver has earned itself the nickname of being ‘the mile high city.’ The city also boasts up to 300 days of sunshine per year, making it an ideal location for those persons seeking a warmer climate to reside in. These are some of the qualities that are often highlighted by Denver Property Managers.

In addition to these characteristics, there are also some very interesting facts about Denver.
● Firstly, Denver has had the fortune of being blessed with natural beauty and its residents know how to take full advantage of that. Over 200 parks are located within the city as well as 14,000 acres of mountain parks on the outskirts.
● Denver is a city that is culturally diverse. Due to its rich historical background, Denver has been able to attract persons from all walks of life, and to celebrate the diversity of the group, many festivals are held annually. This includes the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the Colorado Gay Rodeo and the Denver PrideFest.
● Denver caters to the needs of all disabled travelers. From the moment a physically-disabled traveler arrives at the Denver International Airport, there are several services in place, such as shuttle buses with wheelchair lifts and accessible toilets, to make their lives in Denver easier.