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Inexpensive Ways to Spruce up Homes under Denver Property Management

Denver Property Management ensures that each rental home is improved before turning it over to the new renter. The necessary repairs are conducted and walls are repainted to give the home a fresh vibe. The rental home is presented in good condition so that the renter will feel comfortable and secure upon moving in.

The property managers at Denver Property Management recommends inexpensive ways to spruce up a rental home. Gently worn carpets can be professionally steam cleaned to remove deep seated dirt and mildew, thus making it look and feel like new. Window coverings can be replaced with Venetian blinds, and windows could use a bit more cleaning. Faded door knobs and cabinet handles may be replaced with inexpensive, shiny new ones. Replacing light fixtures with LED versions is also a good upgrade, as well as removing old air filters. For the bathroom, a new toilet seat and a fresh shower curtain will make a huge difference. Lastly, placing scented air deodorizers inside the rooms will create a homely ambiance that will please and welcome the new renters.