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Increase The Market Value of Your Home With Outdoor Renovation Projects

There are several ways to increase the market value of your home, Denver rental management would like to share a few tips on how home owners can make profitable outdoor renovations to their homes.
• Add outdoor lighting, replace garage doors and sidings.
• Fix your backyard; get rid of the weeds, re-sod the lawn, plant native greenery instead of non-native plant. Native plants are easier to maintain and you will be able to save more money.
• If you live in a warmer area and if the budget permits, consider adding an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens have a return of investment rate of 100% to 200%, so if you plan to put up your home for sale, adding an outdoor kitchen will definitely increase the market value of your home.
If you don’t have a lot of money to spare for major renovations, you can still the market value of your house without spending more than a thousand dollars.
• Clean up your backyard by pressure washing the deck and cleaning the furniture to make it look fresh and clean.
• Cover up any damages to the driveway with a coat of sealant.
• If your lawn looks neglected, consider re-sodding your lawn to make it more appealing.
• Add more mature plants to your garden to make your garden lush and inviting.