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Important Documents Every Renter Should Have

As part of your rental application, you need to obtain some documents to be able to land the lease. If you are planning to move out of the city or state or the country, management rental companies in Denver suggest that you get the important documents listed below before you depart from your current city.

Proof of employment, name of employer and his contact details
Landlords need proof that you are employed and will be able to pay the rent. A lot of landlords often contact your employer to obtain certain information about you.

Your previous addresses
Most applications necessitate you to provide past addresses. Don’t lose those contact details.

Income tax return
Potential landlords often require you to submit a copy of the most recent one. Landlords will be able to determine if you are able to pay the rent based on your annual income.

Reference letters
Reference letters from your employer and previous landlords will help prove that you are indeed a suitable candidate for the home rental. Your potential landlord would want to know that you have been a good tenant in the past.

Pet documents
If you have pets, make sure to get their most recent medical record from the vet. If your dog went to obedience school bring the obedience school certification along.

Existing lease agreement
Although most landlords do not require you to submit one, it is best to be prepared.