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How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

A lot of people consider pets as part of the family; most of them are allowed to roam around the house. But sometimes, pets like small children can be quite messy. Denver property management companies share pointers on how to create a beautiful and pet friendly home.

Choose pet friendly fabric for your furniture. A leather sofa is easier to clean since hair does not stick to the fabric; all you have to do is wipe it off with a damp cloth. If you do allow your dog to sleep on your bed, pick beddings that can be easily washed.

A good vacuum cleaner is a must have if you have furry pets. Pets shed fur and a cheap vacuum is not as efficient when it comes to removing animal hair.

Assign a place in your house for your pets to eat in. A small feeding space in the kitchen works well; kitchen flooring is usually easy to clean in case food spills on the floor. Put place mats under the feeding bowls.

Pet paraphernalia can be kept in attractive wicker baskets, treats can be kept inside mason jars or some other glass canisters.

Bored pets often chew on furniture to keep themselves occupied when you are away. Keep them away from rooms that have a lot of delicate items.