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How To Find A Suitable Rental Home For You And Your Pet

The main reason why landlords are reluctant to rent their homes to tenants with pets is due to the bad reputation that tenants with pets tend to have. Pets will not only damage furniture, which is particularly bad if you rent a furnished home, but they can also prove to be a nuisance to neighbours. It is because of this history why you have to be particularly convincing when trying to get your landlord to agree to you keeping a pet in the rental home.

From the moment you’ve decided to find a rental home, it is best to try to find one that explicitly states that they are pet-friendly. If you are unable to find that, then the next best thing is for you to try to find one that does not outrightly state that they will not allow pets. At least in these cases you might have the opportunity to convince the landlord to allow you to keep a pet. One thing that you can do to try to make the landlord feel secure in allowing you to keep a pet is to offer to pay a higher deposit. This will make the landlord feel assured in the event that there is an incident. You can also offer to make an additional monthly payment to pay for professional clean to ease the landlord’s worry about fleas, pet hair and dirty carpets at their property. Another thing you can do is to promote your pet to the landlord. This can be done by providing the landlord with a pet reference and also a summary of your pet’s medical history. Denver Property Management can provide an advice for this.