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How to find a Good Roommate for your Home Rental

A lot of people do not want to live all alone. Having a roommate around has benefits says property management in Denver. Your monthly expenses for utilities and rent will cost less and you will have someone to talk to at the end of the day. On the other hand, having a roommate can also give you headaches.

Go solo or the more the merrier?
The first thing to do, is to decide if you really need a roommate. Ask yourself if you need a roommate to split the bills with. Will your quality of life be better with the presence of a roommate or will it drive you up the wall. Think things thoroughly before you decide.

Conduct Interviews
Conduct a prescreen interview over the phone to narrow down the candidates. Ask questions and eliminate candidates who posses deal breaker traits. After narrowing the candidates to about 2-3 individuals, it is time to set a face to face interview. Conduct the interview in a public place such as a café. Ask the candidate to bring a valid ID as well. Be yourself and ask the right kind of questions.

Discuss financial planning and house rules
Before you and your potential roommate sign the lease, discuss how much each of you will contribute for the monthly rent and utilities. Discuss house rules as well. It is important that the two of you agree on house rules and monthly contributions from the very start. Put the agreement into writing.