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How to Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring

Property Management Companies in Denver Colorado have the option to choose eco-friendly flooring for their rental homes. Renters are now becoming more aware of the health risks caused by toxic substances used in building homes, which is why there is a demand for eco-friendly housing.

Property Management Companies in Denver Colorado suggest various types of flooring which are made from environmentally friendly materials. Wooden floors can be made from fast growing tree varieties such as bamboo and eucalyptus. Cork flooring is also a sustainable material since cork is harvested a few times from the same tree, thus better than using actual wood. The smoothness and heat absorbing properties of concrete also makes it an ideal flooring material, plus, it is easier to maintain too. However, since carpeted flooring is still widely used, property managers should compare brands before replacing a new one for turnovers. The Carpet and Rug Institute issues labels for carpet materials which contain fewer volatile organic compounds. This means that there are eco-friendly carpet products which contain lesser amounts of chemicals used for binding the fibers together. If there is a need to use adhesives to put the carpet in place, there are products which do not contain toxic substances that may affect indoor air quality.