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How to Care for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are beautiful if you do know how to take care of them. Denver residential property management shares the common do’s and don’ts when cleaning laminate floor.

• Laminate floor and water do not go well together. If you use too much water, the water will seep in between the planks and cause damage. Use a dry dust mop to clean up the floor. If there are dirty spots, spray the area with water and use a rag to scrub it off.
• Using the wrong and strong cleaning agent can damage the floor. You can use a cleaning solution made of water and a bit of dish soap.
• Use a micro fiber dust mop to clean the floor instead of a regular broom since laminate flooring scratches easily. If you have to vacuum the floor, turn off the brush roll to prevent damages.
• Use furniture pads on the bottoms of heavy furniture. These furniture pads are inexpensive and are available at most home improvement stores.
• To get rid of annoying streaks on the floor, you can buff the floor after mopping.
• Too much exposure to sunlight can cause sun damage and results in fading. Close the blinds or curtains during sunny days to prevent this from happening.
• If you have pets, place mats under their food and water bowl to protect the floor from moisture and scratches.