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Housing Rights that a Differently Abled Renter Needs to Know

Denver rental property management companies believe that if you have a disability listed under the Fair Housing Act, you can be protected from discrimination.

Exception to the rule
If you need a service dog or any other service animal, your landlord cannot refuse your request just because the apartment has a no pet policy. Inform the landlord that you need an accommodation and provide a report from your physician or any other health professional that you need the accommodation for the disability. You do not need to provide information about your disability to your landlord.

Accessible units
It is your right to be able to choose the best vacant unit from all available vacancies. Ask the landlord for all available units when selecting a new apartment.

Monthly rent rate
A landlord cannot charge you a higher rent rate because of your disability. A landlord cannot charge you a higher security deposit for possible damages sustained from wheelchairs and from service animals.

Home rental modifications
You are allowed to make modification to your home rental to accommodate your disability. Inform your landlord that you need to install grab bars in the bathroom because you need the extra support. Write a request letter to your landlord and remind him that it will be you who will pay for the expenses for incurred.