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Housing Rights: A tenant is allowed to adorn the home rental with religious decorations

The property management in Denver are cognizant that a lot of tenants and prospective tenants are tied to a particular religion different from the landlord. If you want to decorate your home rental but wonder if it okay to do so since the landlord has a different religion from you, do not worry about it. The Fair Housing Act protects your best interests by preventing religious discrimination.

A landlord cannot prohibit you from practicing your religion and decorating your home rental with religious decor. This law also extends to the landlord’s maintenance workers. When they enter your apartment to fix the hole in the roof, they must not make negative comments about the religious decorations you have. When your lease term is about to expire and the landlord would want to show the unit to prospective tenants, he cannot force you to hide your religious decorations to make the unit appear neutral.

If for instance, you do not want to embellish your apartment with religious decorations, you have the right to do so. Landlords who pressure tenants and prospective tenants to showcase their religious affinity violate the Fair Housing Act. Landlords who do this often make the tenant feel inferior about his religion.