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Housing Market Updates for Property Managers in Denver

The housing market’s performance has been on the decline over this past year as indicated by the comparison of this year’s sales with the average sales obtained over the last ten years. This is particularly crucial to Property Managers in Denver, and property managers in general, since a decline in the market’s performance will directly affect their businesses.

In the United States, the number of homes sold during the period of November 2014 is significantly less than the November average sold for the past ten years. It has been noted that this decrease could be partially due to the fact that there was a large increase in the number of closings in November 2009 as this was the period when the tax credit of most first-time home buyers was due to expire. And while there is justification for the Property Managers in Denver to operate cautiously because of this decline, the issue of inventory should also be mentioned as there were fewer homes for sale this November when compared to the ten year average.