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Home Rental Safety: Effective Communication Can Help Keep You and Your Family Safe

Effective communication skills will help keep you safe wherever you are. No neighborhood is impervious to crime, so it is best to be prepared. Poor communication skills might allow a burglar to access your home because you accidental gave him the information he was looking for. Denver CO property managers advice you to keep safe by following these tips:

Talk to visitors before you allow them to enter the building
An intercom system is highly convenient not only for you but also for individuals with bad intentions. Make sure that the person whom you buzzed in is someone you know. Do not buzz in someone who you do not know. That person may have the intention to harm you or one your neighbors.

Express yourself
Keep yourself safe by informing the concierge, your landlord or the property manager that you have cut ties with your abusive spouse and you do not want him to be given access to your apartment. Your landlord will honor your request and ensure your safety since you informed him of the situation.

Do not share information that will put you in a vulnerable position
Do not advertise the fact that you live by yourself or will be all alone for the next two weeks. Burglars will mark you as an easy prey. Be mindful of what you post on social media as well, there is a lot of valuable information a criminal can obtain by using the internet.