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Home Rental Hunting: What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

For those of you who have fallen prey to home rental scams, you have to take action as soon as possible. Your actions can help protect other people and could help stop the individuals behind the scam. Property management in Denver, CO advises you to do the following after the incident.

Phone the police
Inform the police that you have been scammed. Provide them with as much details as you can. Even if you think that the chances of you getting back your money is slim, it never hurts to let the police know. If they are already investigating the scam you reported, the information you have might help them solve the scam.

Scams from ads
If you were victimized by online scam ads, you can inform the publisher. Publishers would greatly appreciate your feedback. Call the customer service or send an e-mail.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission
If you have been victimized by rental scams here in the United States, report the incident to the FTC . FTC is a federal consumer protection agency.

Educate yourself
Look back at the experience and learn from the experience, there might have been some warning signs you overlooked. Read some tips on how to identify signs of rental scams.