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Our Home Finder Service is for clients who don’t have time to search for, visit and select a property. This service is typically requested by clients who live out of town or simply don’t have the many hours it takes to find a new residence. We will ask what you need, search our own existing inventory (including what will be vacating in the time-frame needed) as well as using our other resources, and send as many properties as we can find to you for review with the expectation of limiting the list of properties of interest to less than 15. We then preview the preferred properties, take photos and notes, and send them to you. This process should result in a much reduced list of 3-5 residences. We then set showings for the client (3-5 residences can be viewed in half a day), visit the properties with them, and negotiate a lease. If the client cannot attend showings we can still make a recommendation and negotiate a lease for you.

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$Cost: One month's rent, no less than $1,500

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