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Home Decoration Tips: Gender Neutral Room

After moving into your home rental, decorating is the next step to take. Most men do not want to live in a very girly environment and women don’t like living in an overly masculine home. Denver property management and houses suggest you can create elegant and comfortable gender neutral rooms for the benefit of everyone.

A neutral color scheme is important to create balance. Choose neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, rain cloud gray and taupe.

Choose comfortable furniture that are not dainty and overly elaborate. Opt for sofas such as Lawson and Slipper. These comfortable and stylish sofas are versatile pieces.

Avoid floral patterns since they are very girly. It is better to invest in geometric patterns and stripes. They add life to the room without being too masculine or feminine.

Choose simple curtains instead of whimsy and billowing curtains; avoid frilly laces and other frilly accents.

For decorative accents, every person who lives in the house should be allowed to contribute. A mix and match of various decorative accents usually works. By doing this, everyone has a personal touch to make the room unique. Decorating comes with making happy compromises, experiment on what works for the room.