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Home Appreciation in Denver is Number One Across the Nation

Denver Property Management reported that Denver has the lowest percentage of homes falling below expected market value in the country from August 2014 until August 2015. In addition, Denver also has the highest rate of home appreciation, the national average is only 3.3% whereas in Denver it is set at 16.3%. Other cities which also enjoy home appreciation include San Francisco, San Jose and Dallas. On the other hand some experts expressed their concern that although price appreciation has risen rapidly, it is not sustainable since the market is always changing.

As more people move to Denver, the demand for housing is pushed upward. Home appreciation is highly advantageous for home owners, home values have risen so fast that a lot of home owners want to sell their homes. People are able to purchase homes instead of renting apartments because there a lot of jobs which pay well in Denver.

However, Denver Property Management observed that there are those few homes that has a market value below the expected value due to poor up keep, this problem can be easily remedied by repairs or some upgrades. Home owners who plan to sell their homes can increase their profit by simply repainting or by fixing the yard.