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Groundbreaking of the Sanderson Apartments at Southwest Denver

Last April 25, 2016, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the Sanderson Apartment at 1601 S. Federal Boulevard, Mar Lee neighborhood of Southwest Denver. The apartments will service the homeless particularly senior citizens, differently abled individuals and those who have additional special needs.

Property Managers in Denver stated that Denver’s Social Impact Bond Program is one of the funders of the Sanderson Apartments, the program aims to provide support for the homeless members of the community.

Cris White, the executive director and CEO of Colorado Housing and Finance Authority believes that the construction of the Sanderson Apartment and the services it will provide will greatly contribute to the transformation of the community and break the cycle of homelessness. CHFA awarded the project $1.14 million in federal low income housing tax credits in 2015. Last 2015, Sanderson Apartments was one of the 282 permanent supportive housing units supported by CHFA.

Mental Health Center of Denver is in charge of developing the Sanderson Apartments and every aspect of the project is carefully evaluated to address the unique needs of the vulnerable individuals of the community.

Jennifer Lopez, the director of homeless initiatives for Gov. John Hickenlooper stated that the Sanderson Apartment is expected to open in summer 2017.