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Green LEED buildings in Colorado

The U.S. Green building Council declared that Colorado ranks No. 5 in the nation for LEED buildings in 2015. The LEED construction will support 103, 000 jobs in Colorado and will have an impact on the GDP amounting to $9.0% billion from 2015 until 2018, according to study conducted by USGB. USGBC is the developer of LEED rating system and certifies buildings as LEED. Rental management companies in Denver believe that Colorado will continue to be a leader in green building and LEED certification in the years to come.

The yearly ranking is made possible through analyzing each state’s square footage of LEED certified space per state resident. For 2015, Colorado has 95 projects with 12.2 million square feet that were LEED certified. Some of these projects include Republic Plaza in Denver, The Granite Tower in Denver, Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility in Denver and North Colorado Springs Readiness Center.

Rick Fedrizzi, the CEO and founding chair of USGBC stated that the LEED provides the residents of Colorado with increased job opportunities and contributes billions of dollars to the state. LEED certified buildings encourages economic growth, paves the way for better job opportunities which makes communities healthier. LEED is now an indispensable standard for the transformation of building designs and construction.