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Free Software for Rental Property Management Companies Colorado

rental property management companies Colorado.

Usually, one someone mentions a free software program, it is a limited time trial or a version that only contains basic features in an attempt to get you to upgrade and purchase the full version. There are, however, several excellent software programs for rental property management companies Colorado that are fully functional, user-friendly and best of all, entirely free of charge. Let’s take a look:


Rentec Direct


This program can be used for rental property management companies Colorado that manage less than ten buildings. There are three features included that are very helpful:


Income & Expense Tracking

The software contains a ledger account system and has several reporting features.


Tenant Screening

Rentec Direct will sift through public records and do a background check on prospective tenants and help you determine if they are suitable.


Tenant & Property Accounting

A neat feature that keeps accurate records of your property details and the occupants that live there.  


Tenant Cloud


This software is very user-friendly and packed with features. The background check is thorough and covers social security number validation as well as criminal activity. In addition, the program also offers a free marketing website component with a variety of templates and professional looking website layouts. Tenant applications can be supported online as well as online payment to make rent collection a breeze. But the best feature of Tenant Cloud is probably their free and unlimited online support.


If your property management organization has been hesitant about shelling out money to invest in expensive software, try one of these options first. You may be surprised to find that they provide the solution that you need, without costing a cent.