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Essential Things to Know When Making an Accommodation Request

The Fair Housing Act protects the housing rights of tenants and prospective tenants who have disabilities. The law stipulates that the landlord should change the lease policies to allow disabled people to enjoy their home rentals. If you have a sound reason to request for an accommodation, property management companies in Denver area urge you to approach your landlord about this.

Written Request
It is best to have a written documentation for your request. Most landlords have a pre-made request form you can utilize or you can write the letter yourself. Some landlords ask for more details before the request is granted.

Landlords do not anticipate your needs
If you require an accommodation, you have to inform the landlord. Landlords are not obliged to anticipate a disabled person’s needs. You have to file a request. You cannot accuse a landlord of violating the fair housing act if you did not file a request.

Other people can file the request on your behalf
Your roommate, friend or relative can make the request for you. A landlord cannot force you to personally submit the letter.