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Essential Laws that All Landlords Should Know

According to Denver rental property management, knowing and understanding the laws governing the relationship between landlords and tenants is crucial to the maintenance of a successful and amicable relationship between both parties. Here is a summary of some of the most essential laws concerning the ‘landlord-tenant’ relationship:

● Fair Housing Act – This law bans the discrimination of persons based on race, sex, religion, national origin, family status or being handicapped. It is therefore against the law for landlords to set higher rental prices for certain tenants or from not leasing a property to someone for the sole reason that they are handicapped.

● Fair Credit Reporting Act – This act aims to protect a tenant’s privacy by requiring that a landlord seek a potential tenant’s permission before running a credit report on them.

● State Laws – There are various laws that exist in each state to explain the rights of both of landlords and tenants. These laws may vary slightly from state to state so it is best to research the laws that are particular to you. These laws will govern matters from how a lease is to be properly terminated, to the proper ways for evictions to be conducted.

● Privacy – Generally, landlords or property managers are only allowed to enter a property rented in the case of an emergency or to initiate repairs. Otherwise, advanced notice of at least 24 hours must be provided to the tenant.