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Easy Plants to Grow Indoors

Growing indoor plants is easy and can help keep your home clean and green by absorbing Carbon Dioxide and releasing Oxygen. They also act as decorations too. Denver property management and houses suggest you grow these beautiful and sturdy plants.

Aloe is a succulent you would want to keep around the house. Aside from looking pretty, it has a lot of medicinal uses. Place aloe in places with a lot of sunlight. Aloe grows best in dry soil. You only have to water them occasionally.

English Ivy
This Ivy brightens up a room with its winsome beauty. It is really easy to propagate new plants by cutting off a section of the stem and sticking it into a new patch of soil. English Ivy thrive best in cool temperatures; about 50- 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to keep the soil moist and water them several times per week.

Peace Lily
Peace lilies are absolutely gorgeous plants to keep indoors, the curving white blooms and dark green leaves evoke a feeling of serenity. To keep your lilies happy, place it in rooms with low humidity and sunshine.

Shamrock plant
This cheerful plant has vivid green leaves arranged like shamrocks and small white flowers. This plant thrives best with bright indirect light. It only needs to be water about once a week.