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Denver Rental Property Management: Security Guidelines for the New Renter

When looking for a home under Denver Rental Property Management, security should be among the renters’ top priorities. It is important to know the crime data in the local community, in order to feel at ease with the new home. If it’s a condo or an apartment, the main areas should have sufficient lighting. This means that the hallways, stairways, elevators, and other common areas do not have very dark corners which may become hiding places for intruders. Don’t forget to check the fire escape, and see if it is not accessible from intruders on the ground.

Denver Rental Property Management ensures that each rental home is fixed and prepared before the turnover, but it is still wise to inspect and check if there are broken windows. If there is no peephole installed at the main door, the renter may request if it can be installed. There is a big possibility that the old keys of the rental home may fall into the wrong hands, so before moving in, ensure that the locks are already replaced with brand new sets. Upon moving in, additional locks and deadbolts will keep the home more secure. Better yet, get renter’s insurance which will cover all personal belongings in case of loss due to theft, fire, and other untoward incidents.