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Denver rental property management companies advocate energy conservation

Denver rental property management companies encourage you to conserve energy. When you save energy, you also save money and help the environment. This is a win- win situation for both man and Mother Nature. There are many ways to save both money and energy, here are some tips you can utilize:

 Invest on appliances that have the Energy Star label. When purchasing appliances and the like, choose the most energy efficient models. Remember to buy appliances according to your needs. If you live alone, you can purchase a smaller fridge instead.

 Replace your light bulbs. Buy the energy efficient bulbs, these bulbs lasts longer and use only 25% of energy compared to the average incandescent bulbs.

 You can install a programmable thermostat to your fridge to save energy. By doing so, you can save up to 20% from your electricity bill.

 Go green by walking or biking. You save money, energy and at the time get some much needed exercise. Once in a while, take public transportation instead of driving.

 Recycle. Do not throw plastic or glass bottles away. There are a lot ways on how you can recycle them. Make it a habit to recycle.

 Dry your clothes under the sun. It is for free.

 Lastly, Denver rental property management companies suggest that when doing the dishes, ascertain that the dishwasher load is full. You can also opt to air dry your dishes and reduce the dishwasher’s total energy usage by 20%.