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Denver Rental Managers: A systematic way of moving into your Home Rental

The mere thought of moving day sends people into despair. Packing up need not sound so sordid according to Denver Rental Managers. There are some tricks that can be applied to minimize moving day mishaps.

Pack an essentials kit
Pack an essentials bag containing all things needed on the first day after moving in. These include a change of clothes, gadgets like laptops, toiletries, paper plates and food. No need to unpack all the boxes on the first day.

Purchase boxes of various sizes that are thick and corrugated. Take note to not overload the boxes to avoid any untoward injuries while carrying boxes.

Label the contents of your box and which room they belong to. Remember to put the labels at the sides of the box and not at the top.

Make a checklist
Assign a number for each box and a matching list of the contents for every box. This will make it easier to keep track of things.

Fragile items
Wrap fragile items individually with bubble wrap or socks. Line the box with a few layers of newspaper and bubble wrap to further reduce the incidence of breakage.

Avoid packing junk
Two weeks prior to packing, go through each room and gather all the unwanted items. Donate or sell these items for extra money and less hassle.