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Denver Colorado Property Management: Energy Efficient Appliances Attract Quality Renters

While appliances may not always be included in the homes up for rent, having these brings more value to the homes managed by Denver Colorado Property Management. The thought of buying a set of new appliances means additional costs for the renter, so having these amenities attract those who are willing to pay for value. Even better, is when these appliances are Energy Star certified, hence reducing electricity bills.

The rental homes under the care of Denver Colorado Property Management can be installed with newer models of appliances, not only for aesthetics but for added value. For instance, refrigerators which have been running for 10 years may no longer run as smoothly as the newer ones. The latest models also have a higher efficiency ratio which means that it consumes lesser energy than its older counterparts. On the other hand, landlords must also consider front loading washing machines over the top loading models. In terms of water efficiency and power consumption, front loading machines washes and dries clothes better and faster than top loaders due to its mechanism, hence saving utility bills. It is also better to replace old dishwashers with newer, energy efficient models to reduce water consumption by more than half. To conclude, these are some of the things that quality renters are looking for, and may even be one of the reasons for them to renew their lease.