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Denver CO Rental Property Management: Tips to Save Energy

Denver CO Rental Property Management may benefit from the saving energy. A lower utility bill is always a good thing, in addition to the reduction of carbon footprint. With simple changes in work and lifestyle, everyone can share in making the rental community a better place to be.

Property managers of Denver CO Rental Property Management may suggest energy saving techniques to their tenants. This may include unplugging all unused appliances every night, a method which eliminates wasted electricity. Adjusting the thermostat can also reduce utility bills, as well as turning off computers when not in use.

At the rental management office, the staff can also save energy by replacing old computers with newer, energy-efficient models. Traditional lighting can be replaced with LED bulbs, cutting down lighting costs in half. The use of paper can also be reduced by adopting an online rent collection system and avoiding unnecessary printing of documents. Water can also be conserved by updating the bathroom fixtures in the rental homes with low flow devices. When landscaping, the property manager should also consider plants which are drought tolerant, to reduce water consumption.