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Creative Ways to Save Space for Small Homes

Property Managers in Denver CO believe that space is not everything. You can live in a tiny apartment but still have sufficient space to cater to your needs. You will be able to save money with a less expensive, smaller home and be comfortable at the same time.

Built in Shelves
Maximize storage space by adding floor to ceiling built in shelves. Attached shelves can save precious floor square footage and give you a lot of storage space for decorations, books, toys and more.

Foldable Furniture
Instead of purchasing a bed and a couch that will eat up space, opt for a couch that has a foldable bed. Dual function for the price of one.

Natural Lighting
A small home will feel bigger when you use natural lighting. Open the windows and allow sunshine to light up the room. Use thin and light colored curtains for your windows. When drawn, thin curtains still allow sunshine to come into the room and give you privacy.

Walls and Ceilings for Large Pieces
Install hooks on the walls or ceilings and hang large items such as bicycles and kayaks.

Mirrors tricks the eyes and give an illusion of space. Place mirrors on cabinet fronts, beside your dining room table or the entire floor length of your living room to make the room seem bigger.