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Close the Deal

A vacant home rental is money lost. Denver property management can help you fill up the vacancy swiftly, by doing the following:

Social Media
Use social media platforms to showcase the home rental. Allow the prospective tenants to see how the rental looks like by giving a virtual tour. Take a video of each room and the exterior of the unit. Upload the video on websites such as Youtube. Create a Facebook page for the vacant rental. You can add pictures to attract attention. Photograph the interior and the exterior of the rental.

*For interior pictures*
• Take photos of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom
• Make sure the lighting is good
• Clean and arrange the room prior to taking photographs

*For exterior pictures*
• Tidy up the yard by cutting the grass and bushes
• Remove clutter

Highlight the best feature/s of the home rental
List down the best features of the property to catch the attention of prospective tenants. If the property has been recently renovated, do mention it. Emphasize that the property is in a good location and has easy access to schools and public transportation.

Market ahead of time
As soon as the current tenant gives notice, start marketing the unit. By doing so, you will be able to shorten the vacancy.