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Cleaning Tips: Avoid Mixing These Cleaning Products

When you are cleaning the house and encounter a stubborn stain, you will probably be tempted to mix various cleaning products to get the job done. Before you decide to mix two different cleaning agents, keep in mind that combining them will create a chemical reaction that could be dangerous to your health. Denver rental management reminds you to never mix the following cleaning solutions together.

• Do not mix drain cleaners. Drain cleaners are highly corrosive and will explode if you mix them together. If the drain remains clogged up after you poured the drain cleaner, call a plumber.

• Do not mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Mixing these two together can create peracetic acid that can cause eye and skin irritation and can possibly irritate your respiratory system.

• Do not mix bleach and vinegar. If you think mixing bleach and vinegar is a good idea, think again. When mixed together, chlorine gas is produced. This gas can irritate the respiratory system causing you to cough and make breathing difficult. Chlorine gas also causes the eyes to burn.

• Do not mix bleach with ammonia. Mixing them produces a gas called chloramine. Chloramine, once inhaled can cause coughing, shortness of breath and chest pain, it is also irritates the eyes too.