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Centennial Ranks as The Third Hottest Real Estate Market Across the Nation

Denver rental property management companies are delighted to announce that the real estate industry is doing great in Centennial’s 80122 zip code. Centennial’s 80122 zip code bags ranks as the third hottest market in America. Homes in Centennial are being sold faster than hotcakes and online listings are even viewed more often compared to other listings in Metro Denver. Centennial homes that are on market don’t sit long, they only spend two weeks before being sold.

The thriving local economy, good employment opportunities and affordability gives millennials the opportunity to purchase their first homes, build up solid carriers and raise their families. Older individuals are able to afford to live comfortably within a thriving community. Centennial’s close proximity to leading employers Lockheed Martin and Charles Schwab definitely contributed to the community’s good economic standing.

The average income for Centennial households among individuals from ages 25 to 35 is about $88,000. This is approximately 67% higher compared to the average millennial household across the United States. In addition, Centennial’s average income among millenials is 48% higher compared Metro Denver. The average income among the top 10 hottest markets is approximately $71,000, this is 20% higher compared to their metropolitan neighbors and 32% higher than the national average of $54,000.