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Best Ways to Get Your Bad Tenants to Move Out Without Delay

Whenever a landlord discovers that they have a bad tenant, their first inclination is to want to get rid of them immediately, and rightly so, but remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Tenants have rights too and those rights are legally enforceable. It is therefore recommended that landlords coordinate their activities and act within the confines of the law at all times when trying to convince a tenant to vacate their premises.

If talking to the tenant and requesting a change in their behavior or requesting their departure does not work, it is a wise idea for you to then offer to pay the tenant for them to leave. Money is always a good incentive and is likely to work in your favor. This method is known as the ‘cash for keys’ method and is known to be an effective source of motivation to tenants who were otherwise proving to be uncooperative. This method is not popularly used by Denver Property Management Companies, but can prove to be a cost effective and quicker way for landlords to achieve their goal. This method of encouragement is usually done to prevent both the landlord and the tenant from engaging in the lengthy and costly process of eviction or the initiation of any other legal action.