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Avoid Violating Fair Housing Law: Respect Disability Rights

Different tenants have different needs. Property management in Denver, CO remind landlords and prospective landlords to avoid mishaps when conducting business with differently abled people. Avoid communication blunders and remember to not do the following:

Do not ask questions regarding the nature of the disability.
• What is the cause of your disability?
• Do you have a family history of depression?
• Can you walk or carry out activities of daily living by yourself?
• Are you certain that you need a wheelchair?

Do not require tenants or prospective tenants to be capable of carrying out activities of daily living by themselves. If they need other people or service animals to help them with daily activities, you cannot refuse them.

Do not gossip about the tenant’s condition to other tenants. Respect their right to privacy.

Do not make the mistake of assigning the differently abled individual to certain parts of the building because of their disability. It is illegal to assign tenants to certain parts of the building to keep them out of sight from other tenants. This prohibited act is called steering.

Landlords cannot prohibit tenants from using wheelchairs. Some landlords refuse tenants with wheelchairs because they are afraid of floor damage.

A landlord cannot refuse a prospective tenant the home rental because the unit is not equipped with accessible features. A lot of differently abled individuals do not need accessible features installed inside their homes; the need for assistive features is a case to case basis.