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Avoid Making These Home Decorating Mistakes Part 1

After moving into your home rental, the next thing to do is to transform it into your own personal space. Denver rental management share some tips below, to avoid home decorating blunders.

Tip 1: Do not allow other people to make the choices. You would want your home to be a reflection of your personal space. Suggestions are welcome, but the bottom line is you have to decide what you really want.

Tip 2: Do not decide the paint color based from a small paint sample. The color you picked might be too overpowering if you painted the entire room with it. What you can do instead is to pick out a few colors and buy the smallest can available. Paint a cardboard and tape it on the walls of the room.

Tip 3: Do not paint the entire apartment with your favorite vibrant color. Consider other subtle more mellow shades. Painting the room neon pink will definitely make your head ache in the long run.

Tip 4: Do not forget to factor in the psychology of color when decorating. Cool hues works well for the bathrooms and bedrooms while warm colors are suited for the kitchen or the family room.

Tip 5: Do not settle on the colors you want while you are at the store. Ask the store for samples of paint, carpet and fabric. Decide on colors based on the amount of natural lighting in the room and artificial lighting.