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We don't charge any up front fees. Not even a "Non-Refundable Set-Up Fee." If we don't perform, you don't pay. There are no "hidden fees" in our contracts.


We advertise your property more extensively than our competition

Over 85% of renters now find their next home online. We post your property to over 200 web-sites and 150 media sites. More advertising means less time on the market and more money in your pocket.


We are Green – 98% paperless

All our contracts, leases, and documents are signed digitally. Tenant and Owner On-line Portals allow 24/7 access to all invoices, documents, statements, reports, and financials.


We show properties from 9 am to 9 pm 7 days a week

When the tenant prospects need to see the rentals. Our competition shows during normal business hours.


Tenant Quality Assurance Guarantee

We are so confident in our Tenant Qualification Process that, if we have to evict a tenant we qualified and moved into a property we manage, we find a new tenant at no cost (we will not charge a leasing fee). This is a FREE service, not an "Eviction Protection Plan."


We get your money to you fast:

We use ACH direct deposit to collect rent and pay our owners so we can pay you up to 10 days faster than our competition… in time for your mortgage payment. We don’t start you out a month behind on paying your mortgage.


Average Time to Rent: 19 days:.


Responsiveness: We answer / return 99.2% of our phone calls

The National Average is only 60% returned / answered calls. Our voicemail will never say: “We will get back to you within 48 hours”


We offer Leasing Only service for those who don’t need Property Management.


We don’t Nickel and Dime you on Maintenance:

We ask for approval on all work orders so you don’t get surprised when you receive your statement. We don’t have an in-house maintenance staff that we pay $15 per hour and bill out at $50 per hour. Rather, we use our buying power to get discounts of 10-50% from our Preferred Vendors… and pass that savings directly on to you. We don’t have hazy language in our contracts that allow us to mark up any invoice for any amount at our discretion.


We are Real Estate Brokers:

We are trained professionals who know how to negotiate and facilitate the rental process. We will get the highest possible rent for you, and, as an added bonus, you get the benefit of our years of real estate experience and accumulated knowledge.

















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About Arvada, CO

Arvada is a medium-sized city situated in Colorado with a populace of 120,492 individuals and 31 constituent communities. The town is Colorado's eighth most significant neighborhood.

Arvada particularly has a blended labor force implying that it is a city of experts working in many enterprises. There are incredibly many individuals living in Arvada who work in administration occupations (13.28%), office support (11.83%), and deals occupations (10.56%).

The majority of Arvada residentsarewell educated compared to most urban areas and towns in the country. The average American community has about 22% of its grown-up population holding a 4-year degree or higher: 39.54% of grown-ups in Arvada have at least a 4-year college education certificate.

The per capita income in Arvada ranges around $40,943, making it one of Colorado's wealthiest cities and the nation. This estimate likens to a yearly income of about $163,772 for a standard household of four.

Arvada is an ethnically diverse neighborhood with a majority of its population identifying themselves from the country's significant racial and ethnic gatherings. This variety makes Arvada an exceptionally favored destination despite having a somewhat higher crime rate of about 32 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.

This isn't very disturbing since Arvada isn’t among communities with the most significant crime percentage. One's chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crimes in Arvada is one in 32.

Property crime data additionally shows that Arvada's rate ranges around 29 for every 1,000 residents. This implies that your odds of turning into a casualty of a property related misconduct in Arvada is one of every 34, and this is a relatively low average.

With an increasing population of more than 120,000 individuals, 47,032 total houses, and an average home value of $427,265, the local real estate costs in Arvada are among the highest in the country.

Single-family detached properties are the most common house types in Arvada, representing more than 71% of the city's residential units. Different kinds of homes that are also common in Arvada include high-rise lofts (16.88%), attached housing units (7.43%), and a couple of duplex high-rise apartments (4.35%).

In Arvada, owner-occupied homes represent 73.78% of the total housing units, while 60.25% of the overall houses here are either three or four-bedroom units.

The majority of the buildings in Arvada were built between 1940 and 1969, accounting for about 30% of all house-types here. A lesser measure of the remaining house stock hails from the year 2000 and beyond (17.88%).

Arvada has generally seen some of the highest real estate appreciation rates than any other community in America. This includes a 93.84% house appreciation through the last decade, translating to an average yearly home appreciation rate of 6.84%.

Ranked at number 59 in Colorado and 6,551 nationally, Arvada has a livability score of 70 and is actually better than 77% of other similar neighborhoods in America. This means that the Arvada housing market guarantees great returns for both long-term and short-term investments.Contact our extensively knowledgeable and reliable Arvada property management team now for more housing market insights.