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A Landlord’s Guide to Pest Control

Retain tenants by keeping their home rentals free from pests. It is part of your responsibility as the landlord to keep tenants satisfied by keeping the environment clean. Property management companies in Denver believe that you must avoid health code violations to keep your reputation clean. You do not want tenants to spread word of how unkempt the home rentals are.

Act now
When a tenant informs you that she has seen mice running across the hallway, do something about it as soon as possible. Pests multiply very rapidly. It is best to exterminate them as soon as possible before they infest the entire building.

Identify the pest
Identify what kind of pest is invading the home rental to determine the best solution for the problem. You can call an exterminator to help you manage the problem.

Portal of entry
After you have identified what kind of pest is invading the rental, you can now discover how they are able to get inside the property.
o Check the walls for cracks and crevices
o Check if window screens have holes in them

After identifying the type of pest and how they enter the property, it is now time to eradicate them. If the infestation is mild, you can do it yourself. But if the infestation is severe call the exterminator. For mild infestations you can use bug sprays, rodenticides and fly paper to eliminate insects and rodents. Remember to destroy the breeding ground of the pest.

Prevent re-infestation
Keep the property clean and remind tenants to do their part to maintain the cleanliness. Prevent re-infestation by doing necessary repairs like sealing cracks on the wall. Do not store stagnant water inside the property. Stagnant water serves as the breeding for insects.