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A Landlord’s checklist prior to a tenant’s home rental move in

After selecting the best tenant for your home rental, there are steps that a responsible landlord must take before the tenant moves in. Follow these protocols to facilitate a good working relationship with your tenant.

Fix damages and safety concerns
Repair damages such as broken faucets, door knobs, holes in the roof and wall. Replace faulty light bulbs and window latches. Check if the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Make sure the fire exit remains functional and accessible.

Clean the unit before the tenant moves in. Ensure that the toilet and kitchen are thoroughly cleaned. Property Managers in Denver Co recommend that you have the unit exterminated if it has remained unoccupied for quite a while.

New Lock
Change the locks on the door before the tenant moves in. Protect the privacy and safety of the new tenant.

Ascertain that the plumbing, electricity, gas and heat are functioning properly. Check if the heater functions in all rooms, the power outlets are working and the water flow is good.

Property Inspector
Some cities have laws that require a property inspector to check the unit for habitability. The inspector will issue a certificate of habitability if the unit has passed the scrutiny. Check the local laws on how often this needs to be done.

Together with the new tenants, go over the lease and have the tenant sign the agreement. Answer all questions and remember to collect the security deposit and the rent for the first month.