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About 80013 Zip Code

The 80013 Housing Market

Finding an excellent property manager requires a lot of research and time. Top-rated property management companies such as the Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management not only prioritizes protecting your real estate investment but also helps them grow.

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Here is everything you need to know about the housing market at zip code 80013.

Demographic and Economic Highlight

Zip 80013 covers an average land area of 13.99 square miles and is found in central Colorado. It has a population of 72,650 residents and an outstanding population density of about 5,190 individuals per square mile.

Its local racial makeup mostly consists of whites and a prominent middle-aged population, meaning that most of the people living here are aged between the late 20s and early 40s.

With only 24,791 occupied housing units, the median age estimate in 80013 is 34.1, and the average number of people per household is 2.9.

More than 50% of the people living here are married, and about 38% of the married couples have children. This data shows that 80013 is a perfect destination for families.

The Best Places website caps the average cost of living in 80013 at 120.1 compared to a national average of 100. With an average individual income of $28,494 and the median household income is $69,310 per year. This zip code has one of the most affluent demographics in the nation.

Even though unemployment here is currently at 3.1%, zip 80013 recorded a job market increase of 2.8% in the last 12 months. The future job market is expected to increase by 42.5% relative to the 33.5% national estimate.

This zip has a sales tax rate of 8.0%, an income tax rate of 4.7%,and an effective property tax rate is $5.65 per $1,000 home value. The effective U.S. property tax average rate is $11.78 per $1,000 home value.

Schools and Education

There are 116 schools in 80013, 98 are public, and 18 are private institutions. The zip generally spends $9,673 per student, and the average student-teacher ratio in these schools is 20:1.

About 65% of the people living in this zip have attained a minimum of an associate's degree. The national average is 60%. Other estimates include a student-librarian ratio of 2,198:1 and a student-counselor ratio of 350:1.

Housing Market Review

Based on the available housing stock, nearness to essential amenities, and population density, zip 80013 qualifies as a dense suburban area. The residential market in this zip is dominated by 75% owner-occupied properties, meaning that very few spaces are lefts for renting.

The median home value in 80013 is $270,400. The properties priced between $200,000 and $399,000 accounts for 71% of the available listings. The current national home value estimate is $184,700.

The Niche website highlights $1,448 as the median rent in 80013 and $949 as the national median. This data suggests that nearly 76% of the locals are comfortable paying a monthly rent of between $1,000 and $1,999 than in any other zip code in America. caps the asking price for a 1-bedroom listed apartment at $186,000, a 1.4% increase from December 2020. Even though this local housing market currently has a 41.4% shortage in the number of homes for sale, sellers are making huge profits with the current median sales price of $410,000 compared to the median list price of $385,000.

A majority of homes in 80013 were built between the early 80s, and the zip takes pride in its historical culture. With only 25% vacancies for renting and slightly higher than average median real estate costs, you will most likely only find expensive options here.

Apartments and townhouses are the most prevalent residential units in 80013. states that apart from the 106 active properties with a median listing price of $385,000 available at the start of the year, people looking to buy in this zip were actively interested in single-family homes and condominiums.

Other surrounding neighborhoods with lucrative housing markets include Littleton, Colorado Springs, zip 80014, zip 80015, Lakewood, and Denver.

Bottom Line

With a 7.3/10 comfort index, zip 80013 is one of the best destinations to raise a family in Colorado. Climate data outlines June, September, and August as the most pleasant months, while December and January are usually less comfortable.

Crime rates at 80013 are nearly at par with the national average, and your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in 80013 are 27%, and that for property crime is 39.6%.

According to, 80013 is ranked as the 5,023rd best zip code to buy a home in America, 88th best zip area to live in Colorado, 12th most diverse zip code in Denver Area; and 9th zip code with the best Public schools in Arapahoe County.

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