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5 Cities with the Most Noticeable Increases in Rent

Rental Management in Denver , and several other cities, have considerably increased their rental prices according to Zillow’s Rent Index. Increases in rent are usually a yearly occurrence, though at a minimal percentage, and are often justified because of inflation, increase in population densities and neighbourhood improvements.

Over the last year, the cities in the United States with the largest increases in rental prices are listed below:

San Francisco – This city noticed a general increase of 14.9% and has its median rent cost at $3,055.
San Jose – This city noticed an increase of 13.4% and its current median rent cost is $3,190.
Denver – Denver is third on the list with an increase of 10.2%. The current median rent cost is at $1,827.
Kansas City – An increase of 8.5% was recorded for Kansas City with the current median rent cost at $1,214.
Portland – An increase of 7.2% was recorded with the current median cost at $1,587.