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3 Signs That Prove Your Tenant is a Keeper

Finding the perfect tenant sometimes feels like searching for Blackbeard’s treasure. Great tenants pay their rent on time, treat your property like it’s their own and don’t call constantly with complaints or excuses. They make property management in Brighton easy and enjoyable. So how do you know if your current tenant is a keeper? Look for these signs that you’ve found the right one.

1. They take care of your property.

When you hand over the keys to your rental property, you risk your hard-earned cash. There’s no guarantee that your renter will return it to you in the same condition. Normal wear and tear—think dirty grout, faded paint and worn patches on the carpet—happens with everyday use. Broken tiles, burn marks on the counter and holes in the wall are signs of an irresponsible tenant who may cost you time and money.

Responsible tenants take care of your property like it’s their own. They take out the trash and keep the kitchen clean. They notify you when they see signs of a potential problem like a leaking pipe, pest infestation or failing appliance. Depending on the terms of the lease, the tenant may keep the grass trimmed, change the batteries in the smoke detectors or replace air filters.

2. They follow the terms of the lease.

A well-written lease that clearly outlines the roles of the landlord and tenant is the foundation of a positive rental relationship. It spells out what you expect your tenant to do while staying in your property. Not only does it specify when rent is due, but it also details issues like who can live with the tenant and how many pets you allow.

Good tenants respect the terms of the lease. They pay their rent on time each month. They don’t lie to you about having a job or the number of pets they have. They follow your rules governing who can live with them and don’t sublet rooms to their friends without discussing it with you. These seemingly small actions show you that you can trust them.

3. They are low-maintenance.

Your job as a landlord is to maintain the property, not the tenant. You don’t need to hear about the minor details of their lives like their health problems and relationship status. Nor do you want to deal with endless complaints about the property and demands to repair items that aren’t your responsibility. If you have a tenant who knows when to call and when to handle a problem, you have a keeper.

Property management in Brighton is easier when you have the right tenants and real estate professionals who know what they’re doing. Let our team at Woodruff Property Management take care of your tenants and your property. Call us today to learn more about our services in the greater Denver area.