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At Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management, there is always a dedicated team of property managers who treat your properties as if they were their own.

15 point promise

  • 1

    “We Don’t Charge a Dime Until the Lease is Signed.”

    We don't charge any up front fees. Not even a "Non-Refundable Set-Up Fee." If we don't perform, you don't pay. There are no "hidden fees" in our contracts.

  • 2

    We advertise your property more extensively than our competition

    Over 85% of renters now find their next home online. We post your property to over 200 web-sites and 150 media sites. More advertising means less time on market and more money in your pocket.

  • 3

    We are Green – 98% paperless

    All our contracts, leases, and documents are signed digitally. Tenant and Owner On-line Portals allow 24/7 access to all invoices, documents, statements, reports, and financials.

  • 4

    We show properties from 9 am to 9 pm 7 days a week

    When the tenant prospects need to see the rentals. Our competition shows during normal business hours.

  • 5

    Tenant Quality Assurance Guarantee

    We are so confident in our Tenant Qualification Process that, if we have to evict a tenant we qualified and moved into a property we manage, we will pay for the eviction and find a new tenant. This is a FREE service, not an "Eviction Protection Plan."

  • 6

    We get your money to you fast:

    We use ACH direct deposit to collect rent and pay our owners so we can pay you up to 10 days faster than our competition… in time for your mortgage payment. We don’t start you out a month behind on paying your mortgage.

  • 7

    We do not work with Public Assistance.

    Even though it may be easier to place a Section 8 tenant in your residence, we go the extra mile and find fully qualified tenants who makes 3x the rental amount. Our tenants can truly afford to live in your rental and they protect is as if it were their own since they have “skin in the game”.

  • 8

    Average Time to Rent: 19 days:

    The National Average is only 60% returned / answered calls. Our voicemail will never say: “We will get back to you within 48 hours”.

  • 9

    Our Reputation is Everything to us:

    Zero unresolved complaints with the BBB and Zero unresolved complaints with the Real Estate Commission.

  • 10

    We only charge our tenants the application fee.

    We have a fiduciary responsibility to our property owners to get them the best tenant possible. One of our competitors charges their tenants an additional fee of $200 upon lease signing. We do not. We gratefully accept good tenants.

  • 11

    We Are Essentially FREE:

    All of our fees can be written off against income at tax time.

  • 12

    Responsiveness: We answer / return 99.2% of our phone calls.

    The National Average is only 60% returned / answered calls. Our voicemail will never say: “We will get back to you within 48 hours”.

  • 13

    We offer Leasing Only service for those who don’t need Property Management.

  • 14

    We don’t Nickel and Dime you on Maintenance:

    We ask for approval on all work orders so you don’t get surprised when you receive your statement. We don’t have an in-house maintenance staff that we pay $15 per hour and bill out at $50 per hour. Rather, we use our buying power to get discounts of 10-50% from our Preferred Vendors… and pass that savings directly on to you. We don’t have hazy language in our contracts that allow us to mark up any invoice for any amount at our discretion.

  • 15

    We are Real Estate Brokers:

    We are trained professionals who know how to negotiate and facilitate the rental process. We will get the highest possible rent for you, and, as an added bonus, you get the benefit of our years of real estate experience and accumulated knowledge.

Meet a few of our licensed brokers and property managers

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    J. Andrew Woodruff

    (720) - 370 - 6615 Email Me
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    Year 2009 changed J. Andrew Woodruff’s life. He had just finished renovating a 3,300 sq. ft. house in Uptown. At that time, no real estate was selling and he was close to bankruptcy. But he had an idea! Why not rent it out and move somewhere much cheaper? From there Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management was born. The first paperless property management company in the country specifically targeting high-end homes that couldn’t sell.

  • troy_175x194

    Pamela Brinkerhoff

    (720) - 370 - 8109 Email Me
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  • troy_175x194

    Jameson White

    (720) - 370 - 4069 Email Me
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    Jameson is a newly licensed broker and living in Lakewood, Colorado. He recently moved from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 3 years ago in search of a more active lifestyle. He found it here in Colorado where he loves being outdoors playing golf, hiking, and fishing in the summer and snowboarding, snowshoeing and just all around exploring in the winter. His past consists of working in the golfing business - renting, repairing and building golf carts as well as working at a golf course for 4 years.

  • troy_175x194

    George Richart

    (720) - 399 - 0826 Email Me
    Area I service
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    George Richart is a third generation native Colorado Realtor, born and raised in Longmont. George possesses a rare skill-set that combines expertise in the construction, remodeling and building trades with a long history in the Real Estate Industry on the Front Range. He has developed an experienced, hands-on proficiency in Rental Management and Property maintenance over the years. Richart uses his unique perspective and hard earned knowledge to provide a full spectrum of professional services and has the ability to oversee any rental management situation.

  • troy_175x194


    (720) - 386 -4994 Email Me
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    Troy Herman understands the Colorado housing market more than anyone else having been raised in Denver and lived in Aurora for years. With a high level of responsibility, honesty, and integrity Troy is ready to deliver a successful real estate property management experience for his clients.

  • troy_175x194

    Sarah Snead

    (720) - 386 - 4993 Email Me
    Area I service
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    Looking for a licensed Real Estate Broker who truly cares about clients and exemplifies quality work in business? Look no further because Sarah Snead is the one you need. Sarah Snead effectively communicates with owners, sellers, tenants, buyers and vendors and utilizes every method of technology available with ease.

  • troy_175x194

    Patricia Montour

    (720) - 370 - 6120 Email Me
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    Patricia Montour is a Broker Associate and Property Manager. She has over 9 years of Property Management experience and enjoys the ever-changing real estate environment. Loves to spend time with her family and travel.

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    Pam Carlson

    (720) - 336 - 7769 Email Me
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    Pam Carlson has been an active licensed Broker Associate for more than 20 years. She has been a leasing and property manager since 2009 and loves to provide successful property management experience to owners who are not ready to sell their property.

  • troy_175x194

    Geoff Chatham

    (720) - 903 - 1789 Email Me
    Area I service
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    5Geoff Chatham is a Broker Associate and Property Manager. 3-time Healthcare Traveler Magazine "Recruiter of Year" Award Winner. Loves to play golf and spend time with his family.

We manage and lease properties in the Golden metro area

About Golden, CO

Golden, Colorado, like many towns in the region, started in 1859 as a mining camp during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Oddly, it was named Golden not after gold but after Thomas L. Golden, one of the earliest prospectors. It soon became a territorial capital, a center of industry, and an important trading and refining link between mining enterprises and the economic center of Denver. Adolph Coors opened his brewery in 1873, and smelters, flour mills, coal mining, and clay extraction (the brickmaking industry exported bricks as far away as China) flourished there as well. Snuggled in the Clear Creek Canyon surrounded by Lookout Mountain and the two Table Mountains, Golden is a little jewel of a town bursting with historic charm. The Buffalo Rose Bar and Grill, in continuous operation for 150 years, is a popular stop for touring blues bands. The grave of Buffalo Bill Cody on Lookout Mountain is a popular attraction. Magic Mountain, the first theme park outside of Disneyland, was created in 1959 with the help of many Disney and Hollywood art directors; some of the buildings endure as the storybook shopping village now called Heritage Square. Golden is home to the Colorado School of Mines, opened in 1873, now a top-100 U.S. university and a world leader in applied science. Golden is a bike-friendly town which also hosts several major cycling races; miles of beautiful mountain trails to bike in the summer and cross-country ski in winter abound here. Waterbugs will love the Splash Water Park and Clear Creek Whitewater Park, while Lookout Mountain is a favorite launching site for paragliders.