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  • Professional property management services in Denver Colorado

  • Professional property management services in Denver Colorado

  • Professional property management services in Denver Colorado

  • Professional property management services in Denver Colorado

At Woodruff Property Management, there is always a dedicated team of property managers who treat your residential and rental properties as their own. Inquire today about our services – simply fill out the form.

We provide rental management services in these Locations – Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Brighton, Broomfied, Castle Rock, Commerce City, Denver, Englewood, Golden, Henderson, Ken Caryl, Lafayette, Lakwood, Littleton, Lone Tree, North Glenn, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge!

We manage and lease properties in Denver Colorado



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    Cindy Jaye

    Working with Geoff and Woodruff Real Estate was a great experience. My husband and I spent a year oversees, renting out our home while we were gone. I'd like to emphasize that we were renting out our home, not a rental property, so we needed to insure that the renters would be responsible and respectful of our property and neighbors. From the very beginning, working with Geoff was easy. Knowing the market, Geoff was able to help us set the rental price - a price that was higher than we would have asked if we were doing this on our own. Geoff found us the perfect renters, a couple who took impeccable care of our home, paid the rent on time, and were friendly with our neighbors. As we were out of the country, we knew that we would not be able to manage the rental on our own. Again, Geoff provided us with wonderful service. Geoff was very responsive at all times, even for the smallest requests. Woodruff's online portal made communication simple and transparent. The financial and legal aspects of the rental were seamless and easily understandable. I would highly recommend Geoff and Woodfuff Real Estate!


    John Tedrick

    I am an owner of a townhouse and retained Woodruff property management over a year and a half ago to handle the property management of my house. Pam Carlson has been my primary contact (everything else is done via email and through their website). Pam was able to get a qualified tenant in less than two weeks after listing and at my desired rental rate. On two separate occasions, while I was out of town, problems arose that required my approval and Pam took care of everything professionally and expeditiously. I couldn't have asked for more from Pam and Woodruff and am very pleased that they are taking care of my property.

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    Mo Bailado

    I have had nothing but great service from Woodruff Real Estate & development, the staff is very professional, courteous and efficient. Having them manage my rental property couldn't be any easier. Its almost like the info commercial "Set it and Forget It" I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a property manager.


    Leah Jones

    Woodruff has been managing my rental property for almost a year now, and they have been great. They found excellent tenants who signed a 16-month lease. Now I feel like I don't have to worry about the property anymore and whether or not I will get my rent each month. It has been a very different experience from finding tenants on craig's list, hoping you have covered everything in the lease, dealing with a lot of excuses, hoping you will get your rent each month, & when you don't, hoping they will leave without having to go through the process of having them evicted. It has been well worth the money to go with Woodruff.


    Paul Zarlengo

    Five stars. Woodruff Property Management is excellent. I have used Woodruff for the last three years and have gotten to know some of the staff personally as they deal with the issues related to my rental unit. Their personalized service and ability to respond to problems set them apart from other property management companies. The staff for Woodruff is professional and knowledgeable. They are able to take care of both property owners and tenants. I highly recommend them.

Why Choose Woodruff Property Management?

  • We are
    Real Estate

    We are trained professionals who know how to negotiate and facilitate the rental process. We will get the highest possible rent for you, and, as an added bonus, you get the benefit of our years of real estate experience and accumulated knowledge.

  • Tenant Quality Assurance Guarantee

    We are so confident in our Tenant Qualification Process that, if we have to evict a tenant we qualified and moved into a property we manage, we will pay for the eviction and find a new tenant. This is a FREE service, not an "Eviction Protection Plan."

  • We don't Nickel & Dime you on Maintenance

    We ask for approval on all work orders so you don't get surprised when you receive your statement. We don't have an in-house maintenance staff that we pay $15 per hour and bill out at $50 per hour. Rather, we use our buying power to get discounts.

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